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JORAM source and binary packages

stable distribution from OW2 Forge

Since Joram 5.15 the source, documentation and binary packages are available from the OW2 release web site.

The old JORAM source and binary packages are still available from the OW2 Forge.

The latest release packages are:

  • joram-release-5.*.zip, including JORAM libraries and the JORAM samples sources;
  • joram-release-5.*, including JORAM sources;
  • joram-5.*-javadoc.jar, including JORAM javadoc;
  • joram-jca-jonas-5.*.rar, JCA Adapter for Jonas;
  • joram-jca-ironjacamar-5.14.0.rar, JCA Adapter for IronJacamar;
  • joram-jca-remote-5.*.rar, the resource adapter for a collocated JORAM server within any J2EE compliant application server.
  • joram-jca-ra-5.*.rar, the resource adapter for a collocated JORAM server within any J2EE compliant application server.
  • joram-release-5.*, facilities enabling configuration of JCA rars.
  • joram-assembly-5.*-client.jar, simple jar including all needed classes for a Joram client.
  • joram-release-5.*, .

Note: all the packages are available as .zip files. To unzip these files, just go where you want to install JORAM, and unzip it (see here for a quick start guide). Please consult the JORAM documentation for installation instructions and a tutorial.

JORAM source code base

For getting the latest stable JORAM version, or for the current development release, you have to use Git.

Joram, Xoram (C/C++ client API) and kJoram (J2ME client API) are respectively available by checking out the joram, xoram or kjoram modules. The tests module contains the tests for all the components of Joram.

The latest stable release tag and the description of all Joram's versions can be found in Code updates. For getting the current development release (potentially unstable), check out joram with no tag.

The content of old SVN remains accessible accessible here.

Maven access

Joram libraries are available on the maven repository Be careful, since Joram 5.8 GroupId is org.ow2.joram (older releases are available with org.objectweb.joram GroupId).

Since Joram 5.3.2 main artifactIds are:

  • a3-common, a3-rt and a3-osgi for the asynchronous middleware,
  • joram-client-jms, joram-shared and joram-mom-core for JMS client and server implementation,
  • jndi-client, jndi-shared and jndi-server for the JNDI implementation.

Other important artifacts are:

  • For specialized destinations:
    • joram-mom-extensions-collector,
    • joram-mom-extensions-ftp,
    • joram-mom-extensions-jmsbridge,
    • joram-mom-extensions-amqp,
    • joram-mom-extensions-mail,
    • joram-mom-extensions-scheduler
  • For JCA adapter:
    • joram-client-jca, or
    • joram-security-jonas.
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