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JORAM manuals

Installation and Users Guide

The JORAM documentation is packaged as a single PDF document.

It is well known by the JORAM team that this documentation is not sufficient and sometimes vague or unclear. Do not hesitate to provide any comment or feedback that could help us improving this doc. Of course, any contribution is welcome ;-).

The documentation of the last release is accessible here, additional documents are available:

Since Joram 5.15 the documentation can be downloaded from the OW2 release web site.

Since 4.1 the documentation can be downloaded in the download area.
The Old documentation (before 4.1 version) is still accessible here.

Joram Tutorials

A growing set of tutorials are now available.

API documentation

The JavaDoc of the version in development is generated each day at 00:00 AM CEST, it is available at: here.

Other documentation

ICAR (in French only)

ICAR is a series of summer schools on Middleware and Distributed Applications:

ScalAgent Distributed Technologies

ScalAgent is the provider of the open-source platform on top of which JORAM's MOM is built, and proposes complementary information and showcases involving JORAM.

White papers about JORAM are available, in French and in English.

JMS related pages and documentation

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