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Current partners

ScalAgent logo

ScalAgent Distributed Technologies is a startup company spin-off from INRIA and Bull, which aims at developing and market advanced mediation solutions for large-scale Internet business infrastructure and applications. Scalagent is the main developer and integrator for JORAM.

ScalAgent Distributed Technologies distributes the MQTT JoramMQ broker based on Joram. JoramMQ (MQTT) is a reliable and scalable solution to manage your JMS and MQTT flows, a free evaluation version can be obtained simply on request here.


Université Grenoble Alpes

The Université Grenoble Alpes and the LIG Lab have strong collaborations with Scalagent concerning JORAM. The current research collaborations concern the following topics:

  • The performance evaluation of JORAM on a private cloud,
  • The design and implementation of an auto-scalable cloud messaging service,
  • JORAM improvement.

UGA/LIG contact: Noel De Palma


Sponsors and main user

efluid logo efluid SAS efluid uses Joram (JMS) and JoramMQ (MQTT) for the communication of the components of its software suite dedicated to utilities.

efluid SAS is the main sponsor of the REST API plugins in Joram:

  • Rest/JMS bridge destinations.
  • JMS 2.0 generic Rest API plugin.
  • Joram administration Rest API plugin.
  • JMX monitoring Rest API plugin.

Thales Services SAS uses Joram for its Phoebus product line, a generic tool for monitoring ground segment for spacecraft.

Thales uses JoramMQ to manage its MQTT exchanges..

France Telecom RD logo

France Telecom R&D is the main sponsor of many advanced functions in Joram:

  • Clustering facilities,
  • High Availability Joram Server,
  • AMQP and JMS bridge,
  • WebSphere and WebLogic resources adapter.
CNES logo

The french space agency (CNES) uses Joram as main transport for its new generation of Space Monitoring and Control (SM&C) middleware.

Bull logo

Bull is the main sponsor of the JCA1.5 Resource Adapter included in Joram since version 4.1.

ANR logo

The French National Research Agency (ANR) has supported Joram through many research projects. Currently ScalAgent D.T. is partner of 2 projects extending Joram:

  • SelfXL about Self-management of compleX and Large scale systems.
  • ITEmIS about definition of a new generation SOA enabling IT and Embedded Integrated Systems.


YourKit logo

Thanks to the people at YourKit for providing us a free license for YourKit Java profiler the industry leader in Java Profiling.

It will be very useful in optimizing future releases of Joram.

IntelliJ IDEA logo

We acknowledge JetBrains for giving us free licenses of Intelligent Java IDE.

Initial partners

Bull logo

Bull was one of the initial contributors of the JORAM open source JMS messaging platform.

Dyade logo

The G.I.E. Dyade was a BULL/INRIA advanced research joint venture. Its goals was the conception and development of new technological components for future information systems.

INRIA logo INRIA is the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control. It is a scientific and technological institute operating under the dual authority of the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Industry.
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