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Road Map

These is an informal plan for the next Joram releases.

This is not a fixed set of features, they are all subject to change based on user needs or ideas. If you have ideas, share them, any input or personal view for improving and/or developing JORAM is welcome.

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Recently done

Jakarta/JMS 3.0 compliant API

The last Joram releases includes a fully compatible client with Jakarta/JMS 3.0 specifications. it also provides JCA connectors adapted to this API.

Bridge destinations using JMS Rest API

Joram integrates bridge destinations (acquisition and distribution) allowing the transfer of JMS messages from/to another broker using the Rest/JMS API (see below).

JMS 2.0 generic Rest API

The Joram JMS 2.0 generic Rest API allows you to leverage the features of Joram/JMS over a simple Rest/HTTP interface. Messages are produced and consumed through simple HTTP messages, this allows any web capable device to publish or consume messages using a regular HTTP Post or Get request.

Joram administration Rest API

The Joram Administration Rest API allows you to use several administration features of Joram over a simple Rest/HTTP interface. For example this allows any web capable device to create User or Destination using a regular HTTP Post or Get request.

JMX monitoring Rest API

The Joram generic JMX Rest API allows you to expose the JMX Mbeans of the Joram server over a simple Rest/HTTP interface. For example this allows any web capable device to get and show Mbean's attributes using a regular HTTP request.

Work in progress

OSGi support and administration tool

Joram is now designed with an OSGiTM based services architecture, this new architecture will allow to provide numerous new administration features:

  • Web 2.0 administration console,
  • Command Line Interface, etc.

A Joram's architecture designer is already available as Eclipse plugin, currently it allows architecture design and production of configuration files. In near future, it will allow to configure, deploy, monitor and control large Joram's configuration.

A Web 2.0 administration console for Joram.

The goal of this project is to implement a graphical user interface to manage the Joram provider and access Joram administration and monitoring from Web browsers. This Web console would be implemented with recent Web 2.0 technologies like Google Web Toolkit (GWT).

First release of this Web console is expected for end of second quarter of year 2010.


Thank's to third party users, the Joram team should announce soon the support of AMQP in Joram. The Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) is an open standard application layer protocol for messaging middleware, an AMQP messaging infrastructure will be open, platform agnostic and interoperable. Defining an AMQP entry point for the Joram server will allow the use of the MOM through multiples clients, languages and platform.

An implementation of AMQP v0.9.1 is already available, a work will be planned when AMQP 1.0 will be announced.

Extensions planned

A Shell bundle dedicated to Joram administration.

Since release 5.3 Joram is now designed with an OSGi based services architecture to provide a dynamically adaptable messaging server.

The OSGi Alliance has defined a specification for "Command line interface" (known as RFC 147) allowing creation of extensible shell service.

The goal of this project is to provide a dedicated Command Line Interface (CLI) for Joram provider. This CLI will define command for Joram administration and monitoring tasks, it should provide multiple user interfaces: textual, graphical, etc.

Joram access with the SAM framework.

The main objective of the SAM extension is to open up the messaging infrastructure to the PHP scripting environment by providing an API that allows the most common and simple messaging operations to be accomplished with a minimal investment.

We aim to offer a JORAM connection factory for SAM allowing a simple and convenient use of JORAM with PHP scripts.

In project..

An Hyperic MQ plugin for Joram.

Hyperic HQ is a popular open source monitoring software designed to manage web applications and infrastructure. Hyperic defines a plugin framework as the basis for providing resource-specific functionality (monitoring and control features for each managed resource type are provided by a plugin).

Hyperic is shipped with over 70 resource plugins, we aim to define a Joram plugin allowing the discovery of Joram's servers, monitoring and alert, as well as diagnostic.

Deploying JMS components on Google Android.

Android is a software stack for mobile devices, the Android SDK provides the tools and APIs necessary to develop Java applications that run on Android-powered devices. Joram defines a specific client library allowing J2ME applications to access the JORAM platform in a JMS 1.1 "way". The goal of this project is to define an Android component allowing the use of Joram/JMS API on Android-powered devices.

Security model

This project aims to define a new security model for Joram with authentication based on JAAS LoginModule and User/Role access control rights.

Call for contributions

If you have interest for any subject around Joram, you are welcome in the team.

Tutorials and documentation

If you wish to contribute a translation, feel free to contact us.

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